Continuous Improvement : Does my prescription delivery driver need to complete the Safety Climate Survey?

The answer to this might change depending on the setup in your pharmacy.

The delivery driver is often involved in a number of systems and processes in branch, and could give a unique view on these which would be invaluable in quality improvement work. In addition, there are functions which only they carry out that would be harder for you to "test the safety" of were the driver excluded from this activity. However, whilst it may be straightforward to do this in a single pharmacy with a single driver, complexities arise when a driver delivers for multiple pharmacies, or is not employed directly by the contractor. In these cases it would be impractical for the driver to complete the survey in every pharmacy, and they may not know the teams well enough to do so.

We asked for guidance from the Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP), and their advice is that the delivery driver should be included if you feel that they are an active part of the team. A sensible solution for drivers working across multiple sites might be to carry out the survey and be included in the feedback in one location in order to gain an understanding of quality improvement and how they can contribute, but ultimately the contractor should use their judgement to decide how best to proceed in their particular circumstances.