If I want to collect personal data by consent or I do already, how do I comply with the GDPR? #GDPR

If you want to collect data by consent, there are stricter rules on the meaning of consent and how it should be obtained. The GDPR seeks to make any consent sufficiently specific to be meaningful and introduces an additional concept of explicit consent for consent related to special category personal data.

By 25th May 2018, all consent must comply with the new meaning of consent set out in the GDPR and for a record of that GDPR compliant consent to be retained by the data controller. If you have this already, you do not need to renew the consents you have, for implementation of the GDPR. If you do not have GDPR compliant consent, or do not have a record of this, you will have to renew the consent given before 25th May 2018 so that you have both. 

So, if the pharmacy has a separate marketing list for a specific purpose, to which those persons listed have given their consent, you may have to renew each person’s consent before 25th May 2018 so that the consent is GDPR compliant and you have a record of it. It is also a good idea to version control your consent statements so that, if asked, you can show exactly the wording that an individual agreed to when giving their consent for data processing.

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