Independent Prescribing: I am struggling to fill out my application for the Independent Prescribing (IP) course - do you have any advice?

Following a number of requests from our members for support in applying for an Independent Prescribing (IP) course, we have pulled together a “Top 5 tips” for potential applicants. The part of the application that we received most queries around was the section headed “Applicant practice and Designated Medical Practitioner (DMP) details”, so these tips relate in the most part to this.

  1. Watch the NES webcasts which walk through the stages of the application and provide examples of what to consider when detailing your current practice. These can be found here. We would recommend doing this as a first step, as you will find it makes the application process much less daunting.
  2. Start talking to local, qualified prescribers about your intention to enrol – the course requires you to build a portfolio of evidence from working alongside other healthcare professionals, so building these relationships now will be of benefit. This may also help you to identify a potential DMP, however…
  3. Although the required 90 hours spent learning in practice must be signed off by your DMP, it will NOT be spent entirely with them, so bear this in mind when you are asking for their support – it is unlikely that you will find a GP keen to mentor you if they think that this is the commitment they are making!
  4. Have a think about where and how you will practice once qualified – there is nothing to stop you working from a community pharmacy, but legislation dictates that any prescribing carried out for the patient must be recorded – this may require subsequent access to GP premises and records, potentially duplicating work.
  5. Speak to your local Health board Primary care pharmacist or Prescribing Lead if you need further support, information, or help in identifying a potential DMP.

If you have any further questions please contact Adam, Policy and Development pharmacist at CPS.