MAS: Can I re-activate the registration of lapsed patients by reminding them about the service and how to use it?

Where a patient’s registration is due to lapse/has lapsed, this can be identified from the PCR. Contractors have asked if a discussion with the patient about their registration status, reminding them of the details and benefits of the service and confirming if they would like their registration for the service to continue, can be considered as a consultation.

The answer is no.

Principle 9 in the recent circular PCA(P)(2016)12 and paragraph 4.6.2 of the Directions states that a lapsed registration can only be reactivated if the patient uses/accesses the service. A discussion with a patient about their lapsed registration status does not count as the patient using or accessing MAS. Patients should be reassured that they can access the service again at any time in the future providing their eligibility for MAS does not change.