MAS: Why can young people in care be excluded from MAS

The main issue the young people have is point (ii) below. If it is construed that their main residence is a care home (and residential home may or may not fit into this definition depending on the status of the home) then they may indeed not be eligible and the pharmacy will not be paid for registering and delivering care (e.g. supplying products) to those individuals. The excerpt below is taken from the Scottish Government (SG) directions for the service.

This is an issue we have raised before for care home patients across the spectrum and the inequity of access to this service for these patients. In this instance it seems the status of the homes means these young individuals may not have access to the service.

While CPS can try to influence this it is ultimately for SG to determine directions for the service based on their policy needs and considerations.

(g) a person who falls within the categories of person specified in regulation 4(2) of the National Health Service (Travelling Expenses and Remission of Charges) (Scotland) Regulations 20035;

except in the case of (a) to (g)):

(i) persons who are not registered patients in terms of either the National Health Service (General Medical Services Contracts) (Scotland) Regulations 20046, or the National Health Service (Primary Medical Services Section 17C Agreements) (Scotland) Regulations 20047; and

(ii) persons whose main or usual residence is a care home,

and “eligible persons” shall be construed accordingly