We as a pharmacy are using the CP4/3 for our gluten-free supplies to patients. As these forms are being processed as part of our monthly submission are we paid according to the electronic message or the paper prescription?

The new CP4/3 form is used for the following services.

  • Unscheduled Care (UC)
  • Public health services (PHS) covering Smoking Cessation (SC) and Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC
  • Healthy start vitamins (HSV)
  • Gluten-free Food Service (GFFS)
  • Urinary Tract Infection (Pharmacy First) (UTI)
  • Impetigo (Pharmacy First) (IPT)
  • Meningitis B Prophylactic (MVP)

Unscheduled Care, urinary tract infections, impetigo and varenicline - require a form to be printed as part of the service description and shared with the person‘s GP practice so that they are aware what has been supplied to the patient.

In addition, the forms for MAS registrations, withdrawals and consultations should continue to be printed and submitted to PCFS to confirm patient eligibility for that service. NHS. The forms for all other current UCF services do not need to be sent to PCFS - instead, they will use the electronic claim messages to trigger reimbursement and remuneration for UCF services. Pharmacy contractors will not be reimbursed from the printed form if submitted to PCFS.

Below is a link to the circular that gives more information on the Rollout of the Universal Claim Framework